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Employer Branding

Workplaces today are creating exclusive employer brands to attract the best people in their industry. You know your organization is a great place to work, with its vibrant culture, opportunities for growth, and exceptional benefits. But are candidates getting that message? Today, an appealing, accessible, and authentic employee value proposition (EVP) is a must to draw and retain top talent in any industry. WE are here to guide organizations to discover new ways to differentiate from competitors and optimize candidate and employee communications.

Employer Branding

EVP (Employee Value Proposition) Research

WE help uncover your EVP to better attract, convert, engage, and retain talent and showcase your company culture values. A full research and evaluation on your business will be conducted, including company goals, recruitment needs, workforce planning strategy, entire talent realm,etc.  to evaluate your EVP.


Employer Branding Strategy

WE help plan employer brand strategy aligned with EVP, position your brand Image and spread your brand message through PR Copywriting, Job Description, Creative Design, Recruitment Video, etc.

Employer Brand Deliveries

WE help monitor multi promotion channels, review major KPIs top-down (reach, impression, click, apply and hire) and optimize your employer branding deliveries.

Service Process
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